1600 competitors run for the III. Eker I Run.

You are invited to IV. Eker I Run on 8th of October 2017.




Eker I RUN race will be held on 08.10.2017. Participants register online until 4th of October.
Some lazybird slots may be available at the race expo. Race kits to be distributed at Race Expo, Venue Eker Meydan on prior day and race day morning

Eker Koşu Until 1th of August Until 3th of October 6-7-8th Oct.-Until 17:00
15K 50TL 60TL 70TL
5K 45TL 55TL 65TL
Minik Adımlar 20TL* 30TL* 40TL*
*5TL of the fee from 5K,15K and Little Steps will be donated to social responsibility partner Tohum Otizm.
**7TL of the fee from 5K,15K and Little Steps will be transfered to Turkish Atletics Federation.

Underage runners (under 18) may participate 15K run with a valid sport licence and a parent permission form, 5K run with only parent permission form.

Eker I RUN participants will receive the race kit on registration. Participant kit contains: Bib number, an RFID timing chip, food ticket, sponsor flyers. Participants drive to event venue can use free parking zone at Eker Meydan.

Participant who will drive to EKER Meydan (race area) may use parking lot free of charge.

Terms of Cancellation
If you change your mind about participating:
- 70% of registration fee will be refunded if cancelled 60 days prior to the race,
- 50% of registration fee will be refunded if cancelled 30 days prior to the race,
- No refund will be made if cancelled within 30 days of the race.

Eker I RUN Bank Account Info:
Description: "Registration Number", Participant's name & surname
Account Holder: Macera Akademisi
Bank: Finansbank Metrosite Branch, 924 Branch Code
Turkish Lira account IBAN: TR25 0011 1000 0000 0047 0668 83



15K Course

15K course starts and finishes at Eker Meydan. Course goes to Orhaneli direction and after 7,5 km it turns to Eker Meydan direction. 5 water station will stand on course. (5K,7K,9K,10K and 12.5K are checkpoints) and toilets will located on 7th and 9th kilometres.

Start: Eker Meydan
Finish: Eker Meydan
Parkur: Bursa - Orhaneli Road
Start time: 11:15
Race time: 3 hours
Start Altitude: 120m
Highest Altitude: 274m
Total Ascend: 380m
Total Descend: 380m

5K Course

5K course will start and finish at Eker Meydan. Water station will be located on 2.5th kilometer on the course.

Start: Eker Meydan
Finish: Eker Meydan
Parkur: Bursa - Orhaneli Road
Start time: 11:30
Race time: 1 hour
Start Altitude: 120m
Total Ascend: 95m
Total Descend: 195m

Minik Adimlar Course (for kids)

The course will start and finish at Eker Meydan. Total distance is 500 metres.
Course:Bursa - Orhaneli Road
Start time: 10:20 - start groups in the program
Race time: 15 min. for each age category


5th October 2017

12:00 – 20:30 Kit Distribution and registration in Sur Yapı AVM adidas Store

6th October 2017

12:00 – 20:30 Kit Distribution and registration in Sur Yapı AVM adidas Store

7th October 2017

11:00 – 18:30 Kit Distribution and registration in Eker Meydan

8th October 2017 - RACE DAY

08:00 - 11:00 Registration desk working hours / kit distribution in EKER Meydan
09:30 - 14:30 Eker I RUN events
10:00 - 10:20 Minik Adimlar Warm Up
10:20 - 10:45 Minik Adimlar Race
10:20 Little Steps Race - Age 12
10:25 Little Steps Race - Age 11
10:30 Little Steps Race - Age 10
10:35 Little Steps Race - Age 9
10:40 Little Steps Race - Age 8
10:45 Little Steps Race - Age 7
10:50 Little Steps Race - Age 6

10:55 - 11:05 5K - 15K Warm Up
11:15 15K Start
11:30 5K Start
12:00 Prize Giving Ceremony for Little Steps
14:00 Prize Giving Ceremony for 5K - 15K
13:30 Festive Time
15:00 Eker Meydan > Mudanya Burulaş buses departure time
16:00 Mudanya Pier BUDO ferry departure time

Accommodation and Transportation

Race Area: Eker Meydan
Çamlıca Mah. Lefkoşe Cad No:76 Nilüfer / Bursa
(8min walk from Bursa Ray Nilüfer)

There are a lot of alternative ways to depart Bursa.

Ferry lines:
Participants can ride on Ferries from Yenikapı, Kabataş or Pendik docks(Istanbul) to Yalova, from ferry docks you can departure to Bursa by buses. Participants may ride ferries with their cars from Yenikapı or Pendik

To find out Bursa city bus lines, tramway and train stops.

Participants will provide their own accommodation, a variety guest house, hotels, camping ground accommodation alternatives are available in Bursa.

Click on the link to check the hotels in Bursa.


2016 prizes detailed in Turkish website.
Winner 15K get the 2017 Paris Schneider Electric Marathon full-travel package.
All podium finishers (including age groups) get On Running & Compressport goodies.

Those who finish the race will get their memorial medals and digital certificate. Age classification chart is below. There is no age classification in 5K course

15K Men/Women 5K Men/Women Minik Adımlar (Children)
  • Overall
  • 13-34 Ages
  • 35-39 Ages
  • 40-44 Ages
  • 45-49 Ages
  • 50-54 Ages
  • 55-59 Ages
  • 60-64 Ages
  • 65+
  • 50+
  • 12Ages
  • 11Ages
  • 10Ages
  • 9Ages
  • 8Ages
  • 7Ages
  • 6Ages

*If a contestant competes in one of the categories but gets a place in the general category, contestant can only claim the award from the general category. In this case the award from the category goes to the next best contestant.

** Master women category will not be open in 55+, 60+ and 65 +.


1- EKER I RUN courses start collectively at the announced time.

2- Bib numbers will always be worn and be visible from the front.

3- Marked courses will be run. Markings might be paints, tapes or bands. The actual marked course might be different from the one previously declared. It is the racers' own responsibility to pass through and prove that they did pass through the course referee points. Runners do the course on foot, any means of transport is strictly prohibited and results disqualification.

4- Those who finish the courses will receive their finishing medals for the relevant course.

5- Participants will sign the Acceptance of Risks Form and take their own responsibility.

6- Usage of GPS watches, listening music with earphones are allowed.

7-Obeying the general traffic, property and safety rules are racers' own responsibility. It is forbidden for them to use areas, passes and methods that are declared illegal/out of bounds by the organization. The responsible party for the legal problems that might arise due to violation of this rule will solely be the participant; the organization cannot be held responsible in any way.

8- Those who stop racing for whatever reason MUST inform the organization and come to the finish line.

9- During the race, TAF (Turkish Athletic Federation) rules apply for rules not listed here.

10- RFID chip system will be used in Eker I Run courses. Having their chips read are the racers' responsibility.

11- The rights for all kinds of photographs and other images that are taken during the race belong the organization and no other rights can be demanded for those.

12- The runners accept in advance Eker Gıda AŞ and Macera Akademisi Ltd have the right to send email and sms for email updates, future events of their own and publish results and photos public on the web. Also, no personal data will be transferred to any other company.

13- Every participant accepts these rules and conditions in advance.


Racers will be tracked using a chip timing system. The chips will hold the time for start, intermediary and finishing points. For those who lose their chips will be disqualified.

The race will be over for those whose continued participation in the race is deemed dangerous by the organization's referees or medical staff on duty. This ruling is absolute and cannot be disputed.

Littering, re-supply and disobeying the duty staff will result in various time penalties.

Bib numbers and chips cannot be switched/changed.


There are no mandatory items that the racers must carry with them at all times.

Some parts of the course might pass through vehicular traffic areas. Obeying the traffic rules and passing the roads safely are the racers' own responsibility.

Bib numbers must always be worn and be visible from the front.

October 8th is a day to be pretty hot. The average temperature in October for the past year is 16⁰c but current weather forecast at the link below should be followed.


Main Sponsor : Eker
Sports Partner : adidas
Partner : Bursa GSIM

Partner : Eker Meydan
Partner :AR İstanbul
Partner : BUDO

Partner : Koray Spor
Partner : Aroma Su
Partner : Has Tavuk

Partner : Rezetech
Partner : Hetader
Partner : Adım Adım
Partner : TAF

Contact Us

Yarışma Alanı : Eker Meydan
Çamlıca Mah. Lefkoşe Cad No:76 Nilüfer / Bursa
(8min walk from Bursa Ray Nilüfer)

Eker I Run is a MCR RaceSetter organisation.
Address : Cebeci Mah. No:29 - Akatlar-34335 - İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
Phone : +90 212 281 79 75
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